Terms of Service

**IMPORTANT >> I wish I didn't have to say this BUT - Shoppers - IF My ad says I have 2 available of an Item - That means You may Only Buy Two - Go through checkout - and that's It. It does not mean swing back around and buy (2) again. My quantity is my Quantity. E-Crater and Paypal take about 15 min to communicate once a sale is completed before the Ad updates.. If You attempt to buy multiples that You were not supposed to, I will have to charge You the fees that Paypal charges me.. This is happening too often and I will not be able to absorb the costs because shoppers want to buy more than my stated quantity. Shopping in my store is agreement to these Terms.
For the quickest shipping - Please make sure the address on Your Paypal is correct BEFORE you pay ~ We can't change your shipping address after you pay, and we have to ship to your Confirmed Address ~ This is Paypal's rules for safe trading Online!
Most items ship via 1st Class US Mail - some heavier orders might ship via Priority Mail. As always - please email me if you have any Questions!